Using AI to Detect Cyber Incursions – How cyber secure are you?

Did you know that in Australia, a cyber-attack occurs on critical infrastructure every 32 minutes?

Did you know that around 45% of cyber attacks come from current or past employees?

State of Matter hosted a webinar for the Australian audience in November on the topic of “Using innovative AI to detect cyber incursions” with guest speaker, Alexander Vocelka.

Alexander is Partner at Horvath and founder and head of Horvath’s Steering Lab comprising a team of data scientists. He is an expert in Big Data and Quantitative Business Modelling, acknowledged speaker on the Digital Economy and the Future of AI and is author of numerous book articles and whitepapers.

Alexander led the development of the first behavioural car concept in 2016 and the first intelligent car in 2017 while also leading the AI revolution in strategy, sales and marketing and logistics.

Working with his team of data scientists, his current projects involve high-level emotional AI agents with evolving personality traits and AI cyber defence systems.

In Australia, much like the rest of the world, cyber attacks are occurring with greater frequency, severity and scope. To help address this, important legislation is currently before the Australian Senate to support and assist critical industries confront cyberattacks.

Having heard through the Cordence network about the vast body of work Alexander has undertaken with his clients in Europe using AI to tackle various problems,  Topaz Vacirca reached out to Alexander to see if he’d be interested in sharing his vast experience and knowledge in cyber and AI and bring global insights on cyber security to the Australian market, in particular, energy and other industries deemed critical infrastructure.

Alexander readily agreed and with infectious enthusiasm, was able to explain to our audience how AI can be used to combat cyber threats at a strategic, operational and tactical level and the importance of putting the right governance structures in place.

By the number of questions we had at the end of the webinar, it was clear the audience was engaged with the content and were mulling over how it applies to them.

If you’d like to know more, please feel free to reach out to Cordence Worldwide.

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