• Welcome our newest Cordence employee, Jackie Heere!

    Jackie is an enthusiastic professional with outstanding experience in international negotiations, project management, business relationship strategies and entrepreneurship. She brings valuable international experience and cultural awareness, having lived and worked in locations across the globe for more than 15 years. Excited to have you as part of the team Jackie!

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  • Global Leaders in Consulting

    Congratulations to North Highland’s Ben Grinnell and Erik Raper for being named Global Leaders in Consulting by Consulting Magazine!

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  • Welcome our newest Cordence employee, Sophia Smith!

    Welcome our newest Cordence employee, Sophia Smith! Sophia is joining the team as our data analyst. Before joining CWW, Sophia worked with a national nonprofit and an international Medical Technology group, specializing in HR and workplace management.

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  • Cordence partner State of Matter celebrated International Women's Day at their first official Women's Network Lunch!

    Today the team at State of Matter gathered for our first official Women’s Network lunch to celebrate International Women’s Day.

    We pledged to challenge ourselves to make SofM an even more inclusive and equal workplace over the year ahead. Thanks so much to everyone who joined in and shared their viewpoints.

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  • Curious about your status quo of the digital transformation within your company?!

    Cordence partner Horvath & Partners Management Consulting Corporation provides a free, web-based #DigitalStrategyAssessment to tackle these questions.

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  • Women Leaders in Technology Award

    Cordence partner North Highland’s very own Maggie McCain is a 2021 winner of Consulting Magazine’s Women Leaders in Technology Award!

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  • Alfa Consulting Integrated Business Planning Article

    “When you have global operations where coordination among departments is key, individual planning is not enough, and an integrated plan is needed. “

    Cordence partner Alfa Consulting share an article about Integrated Business Planning.

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  • Valcon Life!

    Looking for a new podcast to listen to? Check out our member firm, Valcon, and their new podcast, ‘Valcon Life!’

    Our first episode features Oliver Gunsch and Trine Lyng Madsen who give you the do’s and don’ts in the recruitment process. Listen to the podcast on Spotify, iTunes and Spreaker.

    Spreaker: https://lnkd.in/eS2bxH7
    Spotify: https://lnkd.in/e8fqsxN
    iTunes: https://lnkd.in/eQwKdKP

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  • Horvath, on the changing airport business model.

    At our CXO Roundtable with experts from international #airports, we discussed their biggest challenges and upcoming transformations of the airport industry which has been steadily changing.

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  • Valcon, on not having to choose between profitability and sustainability.

    To recognise sustainability as a driver for growth and to incorporate sustainability in your business agenda will be a license to operate, both now and going forward. It can be a challenging transformation, but it is necessary.

    But how do you get from idea to action and from sustainability to profit? Mads Sig Møller provides three steps your organisation should focus on:
    – Focus on the issues where you can and will make a difference
    – Work iteratively and fail fast
    – Cooperate and reach out

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  • Global Public Sector leaders reflect on 2020

    The Covid crisis of 2020 has driven government agencies around the world to accelerate the pace of the digital revolution and to embrace new ways of working. In this blog, our global Public Sector leaders reflect on 2020 and the longer-term implications of the changes.

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  • Bonfiglioli Consulting case history

    Cordence partner Bonfiglioli Consulting shares a case history using their Sales & Operations Planning approach and the important results achieved.

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