Embracing Self-Awareness with Sue Bigham


photo of a blonde woman, the subject of the podcast


With so much expected of leaders, especially during difficult times like the current pandemic, self-care rarely finds its way onto the schedule. However, running on empty not only harms leaders’ abilities to make decisions and connect with their teams, but it also takes away from their personal connections. Today’s guest, Sue Bigham, is here to share the importance of filling up the tank and fully embracing self-awareness. Sue is a former Naval Officer, a leadership and organisational coach, and a counsellor specialising in PTSD and addictions. In this episode, Sue shares more about her Naval experience and what that taught her about herself and leadership generally. Having lived life with a façade, Sue did the work to break it down and subsequently discovered the most authentic connections she had ever experienced. We learn more about some of the benefits that leaders will encounter once they explore their true selves. We also dive into how to cultivate self-awareness practices during the pandemic and the importance of making self-care rituals a non-negotiable on the daily calendar. COVID-19 has been a difficult time, and leaders must lean into any tough feelings and sit with them to find the lessons they contain. Along with this we also discuss some practical self-reflection tips, the knowledge leaders should take from this transitional moment, and how leaders can create emotional closeness rather than distance with their teams.

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