Modern reporting and analytics – current impulses using the example of the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

For almost all companies, digital transformation is a top priority on the CFO agenda. In addition, more than 70 percent of all those responsible for finance complain that reporting is too costly. The same target group sees the introduction of modern online dashboards as one of the central efficiency levers (85 percent); but also admits that the company’s own reporting is often created manually and reports are distributed in the form of static PDFs or even in printed form. So is digitization in reporting still at the very beginning

There are also other examples: Interactive dashboards ensure that information is available at all times, group-wide uniform reports speak a common language and cross-functional data models allow integrated analyzes along end-to-end optimized value creation processes. For a long time, the modernization of reporting could be attributed to a lack of high-performance systems, among other things.

However, a look at the current market for BI tools and the technical possibilities shows that there is currently a renaissance for management dashboards. Efficiency pressure in the financial sector, constant technological change, the increasing use of S / 4HANA and, last but not least, the clear demands for a digital “user experience” in reporting are driving this development considerably.

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